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Welcome to Halsey Hardwood - Order before 12/13. I will be on vacation visiting the grand babies.

I build unique end grain butcher blocks constructed from Missouri maple, walnut and cherry hardwoods.   These are the best woods locally available for cutting boards as they stand up to the knife scoring and are far less porous than oak, hickory and ash.   Each board is hand crafted by me in my one- man shop.       

End grain butcher blocks are the ultimate cutting board.   It is an investment, not a disposable throw away  item.  End grain butcher blocks are constructed with the end pieces of the wood that are glued together.    The knife slices between the grain and absorbs the impact of the knife blade.  This is much more gentle on the knife's blade and allows the butcher block to last far longer than other cutting boards.   It also is better for your knife and keeps your knife sharper.  Well built and cared for butcher blocks become more attractive with age.  A good cutting board, especially an end grain butcher block, can become an heirloom and live with a family for generations.

My unique innovative end grain butcher blocks will add a one of a kind depth to the design of your kitchen.   Each board is a stunning piece of 3D wood artwork that can be displayed and ready for your use as a cutting board, serving board or just an accent piece to display for your home.

Geometric 3D End grain Butcher blocks